We Want Snow!
A Fall Ball for All

A Wintry Chant

Illustrated with winter fun by Emilie Boon (thank you, Emilie!)
published by Sleeping Bear Press, September 15, 2021
ages two and up will enjoy this book

Four We Want Snow! Coloring Pages

About the book
In this raucous, rhyming plea for snow, a group of youngsters imagines the cold-weather delights they'll enjoy once winter arrives. From sledding down hills and skating on ponds to building snow forts and snowmen to sharing crackling fires and mugs of hot cocoa, they want snow and plenty of it. The snow can't arrive soon enough. But once the flakes start to fall, are the youngsters in for more than they bargained for? Readers young and old will enjoy this celebration of winter's snowy activities, recalling past pleasures and imagining future ones.

“A trio of children describe the delights of winter…all they need is snow … the repeated chorus is catchy, and everyone reading this will recognize kids’ fickle attitudes toward the weather and seasons. A bouncy celebration of winter.” (Kirkus Reviews)

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