Chirp! Chipmunk Sings for a Friend
A Fall Ball for All

Chipmunk Sings for a Friend

Illustrated delightfully by Scott Magoon (thank you, Scott!)
published by Paula Wiseman Books / Simon & Schuster, June 29, 2021
ages three and up will enjoy this book

About the book
A chipmunk searches for someone to sing along with her in this sweet and funny celebration of true friendship, featuring art by New York Times bestselling illustrator Scott Magoon.

Chipmunk spends her days sitting on her rock and chirping her song—sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s bittersweet, and sometimes it’s very sad indeed. When Chipmunk goes off to find a companion that will sing along with her, she encounters some bumps (and pine cones) along the way, and finds friends (and harmonies) in unexpected places.

illustration Chirp! Chipmunk Sings for a Friend

“Voices that join together make sweet music indeed. Chipmunk lives on a rock, spending most of her days singing—“chirping”—songs that are happy, bittersweet, or sad. She really wants a singing partner. (Rock only listens.) On a walkabout, she encounters a pinecone whom she brings home, but Pinecone’s no better at singing than Rock is. Another day, Chipmunk finds a log she can’t move. Disconsolate, she sings a song “in my heart” laden with loneliness and defeat, which a listening raccoon appreciatively calls “sad” and “beautiful.” Raccoon helps with the log, but the pair’s efforts fail. Raccoon joins Chipmunk’s song, adding lyrics about frustration. A moose praises the duo’s tune, sung from “our hearts,” and offers pushing assistance. Moose’s strength finally dislodges the log, landing it…right near Rock and Pinecone. In the end, these objects become fast friends and perfect listeners to the songs that Chipmunk, Raccoon, and Moose sing together. This gentle, simply told story addresses the importance and enjoyment of friendship and collaboration. The eye-catching illustrations feature colors and patterns suggesting the emotional heft of Chipmunk’s airs; ample white space permits focus on the tale’s lively goings-on. The animal protagonists have engaging personalities and faces; their coats’ realistic furriness is achieved via the artist’s deft, swift strokes.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Nicely phrased and using repetition effectively, the text is strongly in touch with young children’s impulse to befriend inanimate objects that come alive in their imaginations. The expressive, digital illustrations set the stage beautifully and bring the characters to life. Whenever Chipmunk sings, abstract elements flow through the woodland scenes. An appealing picture book exploring friendship and music.” (Booklist)

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