Boom! Boom! Boom!
Big Rig
Big Rig in the rain
Big Rig full throttle
Big Rig

Illustrated by Ned Young (thanks, Ned!)
published by Disney-Hyperion, February 4, 2014
ages two and up will enjoy this book

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About the book
Come along for the ride as Frankie the big rig truck takes us on the job, driving past kiddie cars (school buses) and land yachts (RVs). Hear the horn blow and the wipers schwat the windshield clean. But, BANG! SHHUUU! Uh-oh: a blow-out! Don't worry, a service truck saves the day so we can get the job done and make a very special delivery.

Every kid will love to learn the truck driver lingo in the story, and shout out their own sound effects as they return for another ride, read after read. Author Jamie Swenson takes readers from zero to sixty with her fast-talking truck.

Young readers will especially enjoy Ned Young's bright and engaging illustrations.

One day in storytime, a little boy yelled out "I'm a big rig!" That simple sentence—full of energy and excitement—stayed with me for the whole day and into the next. Each time I thought of it, I couldn't help smiling. Before long, the voice started to change until I heard, "Hello there. Name's Frankie. Proud to meet you." A talking big rig? The whole idea made me laugh. I wrote that sentence down—and suddenly this larger-than-life character, Frankie, rolled out onto the page.

As I wrote, I read it aloud to myself, causing my family to think I'd gone crazy! They would hear, "Urrrrnnntt urrrrnnntt!" and "Schwaat schwaat schwaat!" and "Hit the brakes! EEEEERRRRRRRRR...DAA-DAA-DAA-DA-DA!" as I worked out the proper sounds. I had so much fun writing this book, learning about the world of big rigs and creating The Truck-tionary to help define the trucker vocabulary.

Ned Young's bright, exuberant illustrations have brought this book to life in such a joyful way.

I'm proud to share it with the world!

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